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Risk Management Courses

our general risk management courses

In addition to the accredited training on offer we provide a range of bespoke/short in-house courses designed specifically to meet the needs of your management teams or staff, which can be held at your own premises. Not only are these courses cost-effective but our materials and content can be based upon your own policies, procedures and development requirements.

Our courses are interactive and address specific problem areas encountered by your personnel.

Our trainers can provide the know-how and skills to support implementation of key Risk Management initiatives and can be tailored to the appropriate levels of your business.

“Anyone who stops Learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty."

- Henry Ford

Risk Management Courses

Delivered as In-house/ In-company course to ensure competency amongst your workforce

Claims defensibility

For many organisations, the process of dealing with PL and EL claims can be very frustrating. What starts as a seemingly trivial incident can end up as an expensive, settled insurance claim!

This course is designed designed to help you both prevent future accidents happening (ultimately the best defence) as well as appreciating what information their Insurance Company requires to mount a more credible defence to any allegations made.

Motor Fleet Risk Management

Work related driving (excluding commuting), is the UK’s biggest cause of accident death.

In additional to the health and safety considerations, if fleet risks are not effectively managed, operational costs can increase significantly, including increased wear and tear, reduced fuel efficiency, reduced residual values (or leasing penalties) and higher insurance costs. This course is designed to help you manage these risks.

Introduction to Business Continuity Planning

Disruptions to UK business from major incidents, such as fire, IT failure and supplier insolvency, occur daily. Such disruptions, even from relatively small incidents, can run into weeks and months.

This training is designed to help raise your awareness of Business Continuity Planning and develop your Business Continuity Plan for your organisation.

Risk Management essentials (training for Insurance Brokers)

Risk Management Essentials is a one day course designed to help Brokers / Account Executives use Risk Management to best effect for their clients and prospects, at the same time as ensuring compliance with the requirements of The Insurance Act.

The course combines a mix of training, documentation reviews and assessments and Risk Management exercises (team based) around everyday broking scenarios (new business and renewal case studies).

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