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eLearning Health & Safety courses

our range of short/beposke eLearning health & safety courses

In addition to our classroom based training we provide a range of bespoke/short eLearning health & safety courses. These are designed to be provide your employees with essential information on how to reduce risks in the workplace.

Not only are these courses cost-effective but that can be completed at your convenience in the comfort of your own surroundings

Our courses are interactive and can address specific problem areas encountered by your personnel.

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing."

- Donna J. Abernathy

eLearning courses

undertake health and safety training, anytime, anywhere

General Health & Safety Awareness

Health and Safety training and instruction is an essential aspect of any organisation’s business strategy; to prevent accidents, to maintain a healthy workforce and, to comply with an organisations legal obligations.

This course is aimed at providing employees with a basic understanding of their obligations with regards to health and safety and to enable them to contribute to the health and safety culture within the organisation.

How to carry out a Risk Assessment

We are all exposed to a range of health and safety hazards and risks during our working day. By providing risk assessment training, employees will be better equiped to assess these risks and evaluate the organisations controls. When risks are correctly assessed, workplace accidents may be reduced.

This course will provide information on how to identify hazards and risks and also how to conduct workplace risk assessments.

How to write a Risk Assessment

Aimed at employees that are required to input into the risk assessment process, this course has a key focus on the recording requirements in relation to the risk assessment process.

For employers with more than 5 employees recording risk assessments is a legal requirement.​

How to write a Method Statement

A complimentary course to the Risk Assessment courses this programme take you through the intricacies of writing a method statement.​

It is for employees that are required to have an input to the risk assessment process and produce method statements.

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos can be found in many materials and cause potentially fatal illnesses. Our Asbestos course aims to provide your employees with information about the hazards and risks associated with asbestos and why asbestos can be a serious health hazard.

The Asbestos Awareness course covers:

• Common products and materials that include asbestos;
• Reasons why asbestos fibres cause ill health effects;
• How to protect yourself and work safely in buildings that may contain asbestos products;
• Procedures to be followed if exposure is suspected and Legislative guidelines.

Manual Handling awareness

Manual Handling is one of the largest causes of accidents in the workplace. By understanding how to lift correctly you could help your employees avoid serious injury. The aim of this course is to provide your employees with guidance on the correct lifting procedure and also give some handy hints on the do’s and dont’s of manual handling.

Fire Safety awareness

Every workplace is at the risk of a fire starting, but are your employees aware of how to prevent fires, and what to do in the event of a fire emergency at work. This course is essential for all employees.

Fire Marshal awareness

This course is aimed at employees that are required to assist in the performance of marshalling or warden functions.

The Fire Marshal Awareness course covers the key elements of fire safety and specifically the role of the Fire Marshal or fire Warden in managing fire risk and emergencies in the workplace.​

How to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment

This e-learning course is designed for delegates that are required to input into their employer’s risk assessment process with specific regard to fire risk assessments.

At the end of the course delegates will:

  • Understand what a fire risk assessment is
  • Provide constructive input to the fire risk assessment process.

This session is aimed at delegates who have already completed the How to Carry Out a Risk Assessment course.

Mental Health Awareness

In this day and age mental health is widely recognised as a key area for individuals in both their work and their home lives. Along with the stigma around opening up about mental health an awareness of mental health issues can be unknown to many.

The Mental Health Awareness Course covers the main types of mental ill health along with typical symptoms, relief and coping strategies.

In todays busy world awareness is the first step to a healthy mind.

Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Awareness

Aimed at employees involved with construction activities or seeking a general awareness of the requirements of the Construction Design and Management Regulations.

The CDM Awareness course outlines the main requirements of the regulations and duty holder responsibilities, the Client, the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor.

COSHH/ Chemical Safety

There are a wide range of chemicals and other hazardous substances used within every workplace, often used without thought or consideration of the health implications. This course is aimed at all those employees who work with or come across hazardous substances at work.

It is designed to get employees to consider their work activities, all the chemicals they use during their work, the risks to themselves and others from these substances and the controls which can help reduce these risks.

Working at Height

This course is aimed at anyone who undertakes work at height, or who employs people who regularly work at height.

This course covers topics including the dangers of working at height, the regulations, the hierarchy of controls, assessing risk and more.

Electrical Safety awareness

This entry level awareness course is aimed at all employees to ensure that there is a general understanding of electrical safety issues and requirements in the workplace.

The course is particularly useful for those people who need an understanding of electrical safety, such as those appointing contractors to work on their behalf.

Confined Spaces awareness

Aimed at employees engaged in or affected by confined space working​, this entry level awareness course will provide them you with an understanding of the risks associated with confined spaces and the precautions to be taken.

Display Screen Equipment

The DSE course aims to provide an awareness of the hazards associated with the prolonged use of DSE, and ways of reducing the associated risks.

At the end of the course delegates should be able to:

  • Identify the common hazards and unsafe practices associated with the use of DSE
  • Know the appropriate preventative and remedial actions to be taken.

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