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Audits, Inspections And Risk Assessments

Health, Safety and Risk Management


Simply put, audits are a critical examination of how you manage health, safety and risk management within the organisation. It is designed to help clients better manage health, safety and risk management and ensure that they are complying with current legal requirements.

It involves the auditor conducting document reviews, carrying out visual observations, and conducting formal discussions with the management and staff. The audit can be tailored to address the whole of the Health, Safety and Risk Management systems or just particular aspects of it, such as risk assessment procedures or training programmes.

Following the visits, the company will be provided with an in-depth report on their performance.  This report will include recommendations for the company on how to further progress health and safety.

For further information on our Health, Safety and Risk Management Audits or to discuss your individual requirements please do not hesitate to contact us below.

From £995 + VAT per Audit

Health, Safety and Risk Management

Site Inspections

From £200 + VAT per site visit

Inspections are a key monitoring technique to ensure continued adherence to good health, safety and risk management standards in the workplace.

An inspection is a formal, structured examination of the physical working environment and the tasks within it. The purpose of the inspection is to identify obvious hazards that are not controlled to a specified standard and eliminate or control them. Following the inspection a detailed documented report will be provided that will not only highlight the hazards of concern but will also;

Identify actions to eliminate or control the hazards

Prioritisation of the actions to be taken

Set clear responsibilities and dates for action

For further information on our Health, Safety and Risk Management Inspections or to discuss your individual requirements please do not hesitate to contact us below.

Risk Assessments

Do I need Risk Assessments?

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999,  employers must make an assessment of the risks to the Health and Safety of employees and anyone else affected by the activities of the organisation. If you employ 5 or more persons, then you are required to have written assessments.

Although the process of Risk Assessment may appear an intimidating and timeconsuming activity, the process is really quite straightforward and,  an effective Health and Safety risk management program can greatly assist an organisation in achieving a healthier and safer work place.

Our approach

We do not believe in providing organisations with simple “Off-the-shelf” package of assessments produced by consultants, as these will only meet the requirement to have the necessary paperwork, and will not really help in protecting peoples safety, as they are often not tailored to your individual and specific circumstances.

Having said that we can help you through the risk assessment process, and provide reasonable and practical training and assistance to enable your managers and staff achieve a sensible risk assessment programme.

If you require any further information concerning Risk Assessment or would simply like to discuss your individual requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that assistance with Risk Assessments forms part of our Retainer Packages.

Craig Turley
SMC have provided our business with invaluable support in all our health & safety arrangements, including development and successful accreditation of OHSAS 18001 management system. Their work and support has been a major factor in the development of a positive health & Safety culture throughout the business and also a significant decline in accidents, incidents and civil claims.
Craig Turley
Finance Director - Gresham Office Furniture
Tim Dawson
I would highly recommend SMC to other companies for their insight into health and safety and the support they offer. They assisted us in maintaining our accreditation's and promoting safe behaviours amongst the workforce. Everyone is extremely helpful and accessible in times of need.
Tim Dawson
Technical Director - DASA

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