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Accident Investigation

Have you had an accident recently?

in the event of an accident or incident, do you need support with your response and to the accident investigation process ?

Accidents and incidents, however large, can have a huge affect on a company and the employees. It is therefore important that a thorough accident investigation is conducted, and without delay, so that lessons can be learnt and control measures implemented to prevent further occurrences.

Our consultants can respond quickly to either assist and support you with the accident investigation process, or to conduct the investigation on your behalf and provide a full report into the findings.

“Every accident is a notice that something is wrong with people, methods, or material — investigate — then act.”

- Anonymous (circa 1900)

The process

The process of accident investigation involves

  • Visiting the site of the accident to take physical measurements, photographs, etc
  • Reviewing/ copying all documents relevant to the site, activities and people involved
  • Interviewing and holding discussions with witnesses, managers, specialists, etc

In investigating incidents we aim to identify the factors that contributed to the incident and detail controls measures needed to prevent a recurrence. Our analysis identifies the range of factors that contributed to the incident.

The type of factors we examine are:

  • People factors – training, experience, activities, supervision, etc.
  • Equipment factors – suitability, condition, design, etc.
  • Environmental factors – weather, work conditions, temperature, lighting, etc.
  • Material factors – products, chemicals, etc
  • Procedural factors – instructions, work practices, systems of work, etc.

A report written report with recommendations will then be provided on the accident investigation. This report will include photographs, plans, and witness statements taken during the process.

Such reports can then be used in support for defending criminal actions by the Health and Safety Executive or civil actions from employees or third parties.

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