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About us

Our story and evolution

Our new name and logo

When we wanted to evolve the business, we wanted a name that more reflected our vision and beliefs. One of our main values is that we care for the health, safety, and welfare, of our clients and their staff. Coupled with the need to look at risks in a pragmatic way, lead us to;

  • Altruistic – unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others
  • True – in accordance with fact or reality
  • Risk – a situation involving exposure to danger.

Altruisk seemed the perfect combination !

Our logo represents a guarding ‘A’ cover over the smaller safe green portion, reflecting our Protective Thinking philosophy.

Our values

in everything we do we aim to INSPIRE people


push the boundaries on innovation


nurture clients & colleagues so they achieve their best


support our clients and colleagues to minimise risk


be passionate about the services we provide


maintain the highest levels of integrity


show respect to one another


excellence in our service delivery

Our people

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Steve McClean

Managing Director

Michelle McClean

Finance Director

Angie Hannaford

Training & Consultancy Manager

Odette Manefeldt

Head of Operations & Client Services

Matthew Cocken

H&S Consultant/ Trainer

Steve Sumner

Senior H&S Consultant

Brian Magennis

Senior H&S Consultant/ NVQ Assessor

Dominic Graham

Construction/ CDM Consultant



The Safety Kid

Exceeding Expectations

"If you were to ask me what makes us so different, I would say that its the high quality and engaging style of our training and consultancy services. We go that extra mile to deliver dynamic, yet pragmatic risk management solutions that specifically meet the needs of our clients to ensure we exceed their anticipated expectations. For most companies that need specialist support or training, our highly professional, yet common sense approach makes a refreshing change !"

Steve McClean

Managing Director

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